Session 3: Autonomous teams and a11y governance

- | #MicroFrontends | Accessibility Club Meetup #8

Session notes

  • Author: Sascha Moeser

    Problems on autonomous teams

    • Too few people know / care about it in large organizations
    • Scoped responsibilities lead to scoped a11y testing
    • Compositions of components in e.g. micro frontends breaks a11y
      • In the future, these could be automatically composed
    • No holistic view
    • Bottleneck of a11y testing or checks slows feature releases
    • A11y is often considered very late in the process (too late)

    Technological solutions / tools

    • React-axe
    • Automatic testing

    Non-technical solutions

    • Educate about a11y as much and as often as possible
    • Gamify it (ranking of a11y scoring of multiple teams/products)
    • Having a strategy how to gamify a11y
    • Having a „stick“ (e.g. regulations) but also a „carrot“ (e.g. larger user base = more sells)
    • Having a strategy how to multiply knowledge among the teams
    • Have specialists / evangelists for the topic that can act as influencers