About the event

The 2019 meetup in Düsseldorf, our first one in the beautiful hometown of the beyond tellerrand conference, was a huge success — not least to trivago being a dream host for our awesome community. And what is more obvious than sticking to things that work? So, let's bring the Accessibility Club to Düsseldorf again!

While we run the meetup as a BarCamp again (see below), we would be able to feature up to 2 talk-like presentations in the beginning of the event. If you have something interesting to share, please get in touch and we'll see whether it would be a fit (you might want to see how Manuel & Marc did it in 2019). First come, first serve. :)

Propose your session(s)

The meetup will use a BarCamp-like format, which means that we don't have a pre-defined schedule, invited speakers or conference-like talks. Instead, the event has a self-organizing character: At the beginning, attendees propose sessions about topics they are interested in, have questions about or want to share their experience with. The goal is to spark discussions and encourage part-giving rather than part-taking.

Sessions are time-boxed to certain amount of time (see schedule). Depending on the number of attendees and proposals there may be multiple sessions in parallel. While promotional presentations are discouraged you're welcome to share your work in order to get feedback or let others benefit from your findings.


Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

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We're delighted to announce that we teamed up with trivago again — they kindly support us with a venue and much more. The meetup will take place at their new headquarters in the midst of Düsseldorf's media harbour.

The location is fully wheelchair-accessible (accessible toilets are available on the ground floor). Service animals are allowed and welcome. If needed, a quiet room is available as well. trivago will do their best to allocate extra parking places in their garage for better access, print signs for navigation and keep all the heavy doors open.

The building is just HUGE and we will be using several rooms on multiple floors. A more detailed description will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

Important: trivago requires every visitor to register at the reception, so please make sure you've got some sort of ID document handy when arriving at the building (ID card, passport or driving license will do). Some friendly tollwerk team members will await you in the lobby, assist you with the registration procedure and help you finding your way to the elevators and up to our event. As we're having a super tight schedule, we kindly ask you to show up some time before 10 a.m. so that we can kick-off in time with hopefully all registered attendees being present.

Most likely, trivago will provide free beverages throughout the day again. Each attendee will receive a voucher for a lunch in the trivago canteen which we'll collectively have at around 1 p.m. (please tell us your catering preferences during the registration process).

Sounds almost too good, don't you think? Thanks again, trivago! ❤

trivago Headquarters
Kesselstraße 5-7
40221 Düsseldorf , North Rhine Westphalia Germany
51.2138179 6.7433474
Open map view / route planning
  • Aerial view of the new trivago campus
    Image source: https://life.trivago.com/happenings/the-campus-chronicles.html
  • Meeting area in section 5 A
  • Elevators in the trivago lobby


While our events are generally not-for-profit, we ask you for a minimum donation of € 15 per person to attend the meetup. Of course, larger donations are appreciated as well!

If you can't afford the ticket by any means, please don't hesitate and let us know. There's no official scholarship or diversity programme for this event but we'd like to encourage everyone to join us and are happy to suspend the donation requirement where appropriate.

We do our best to spend the revenues wisely and only use them for covering our basic expenses and / or funding future events.

As food might be provided, we're really keen on keeping the no-show rate as low as possible so that we don't have to waste food or other resources. If you bought a ticket and can't make it to the meetup, please let us know. There are no refunds but you can always give your ticket to someone else — you can change the ticket details at any time.