Accessibility Devtools Chromium (Foyer)

Session notes

  • Author: Christian Heilmann / Etherpad

    • All this is either in the Beta, Dev or Canary build of Microsoft Edge, you can download it for Mac and Windows at:
    • The new browser will replace the current Edge browser. It is based on Chromium and all the work in the developer tools will also go upstream into the Chromium Project. This means all browsers based on that can become more accessible.
    • We've done a lot of work to make the developer tools accessible to keyboard users and screenreader users
      • We also work a lot on creating tools to make it easier for developers to build valid, clean and accessible products:
      • Webhint is a service, an NPM module and an extension for browsers and Visual Studio Code that tests your products for accessibility, compatibility, PWA readiness, security and performance.
        • Webhint is open source and can be customised to your needs. If you don't need to test for PWA readiness, for example, you don't get errors in your report. If you need to write your own tests, you can extend the scan with own hints
        • You can scan your web product online at and get an online audit to work through
        • You can get webhint as a browser extension for different browsers at, or This gets you a "hints" tab in the developer tools that allows you to run a scan there
        • Webhint is also an NPM module so you can use it in your own products and CI/CD flows. is the link to get the "hint" module
    • One of the great things about moving the browser to Chromium is reusability. For example, if you want to use the browser developer tools inside Visual Studio Code, there is an extension to embed them at
    • Other cool accessibility tools by Microsoft are which is a fully fledged testing and auditing tool for web products and desktop apps

    Thank you for your interest, and we would love to have you tell us about your needs and wants in the developer tool space. To contact us:

    • Hit the smiley button next to the URL field either in Microsoft Edge or in the Developer tools. This is a contact form that directly goes to our bug queue that we triage every Tuesday and Thursday. You are likely to get an answer very soon there, and we may have more questions so please provide us with an email.
    • Contact us on Twitter at for Devtools and for the browser as a whole
    • Pester Chris Heilmann at or