Getting everyone on board for a11y — in search for the magic trick (Meeting Room)

Session notes

  • Author: Jan / Etherpad

    How do we get everyone on the same page in regards to accessibility? What are things we can do to make sure that accessibility is a topic that gets discussed for a project?

    In the discussion, these points took shape: 

    • Accessibility has to be made in every department and on every project
    • Accessibility has to be taken into account from the start
    • Top down decisions to implement accessibility does onky work up to a certain point
    • Incentives to implement accessibility can be financial, tech debt
    • Cultural change is the most sustainable way to get accessibility in every process
    • Cutural change takes a long time and requires continuous effort
    • Accessibility is best achieved when the people working with accessibility have empathy and/or can directly relate to situations/persons dealing with disabiities or impairments

    Thank you all so much for discussing this with me. It was eye-opening, thought-provoking and fun.