What PDF haters should know about PDF a11y (Meeting Room)

Session notes

  • Author: Markus / Etherpad

    A lot of content on the Web is in PDFs. How can we make this accessible?

    Concept: PDF is a container format, you can put everything in it (even a website).

    PDF is a secure package. Made of concrete. It's fixed. The content is neither flexible nor customizable.

    Accessible PDF: Visible layout with invisible structure level that is similar to HTML.

    If a person can deal with an accessible website, they can deal with an accessible PDF.

    2012: ISO Standard for accessible PDF: PDF/UA (universal access).

    Why do we hate things or stuff?

    • things we don't like about out self
    • things which are restrictive
    • things we do not understand

    Thesis: A lot of hate is based om not knowing a lot of things about PDF


    • PDF is a container.
    • PDF is fixed, everyone on every device sees the content in the same way/presentation.


    Visible PDF as before, but an accessible structure similar to HTML.