About the event

2-day community summit for developers, designers & accessibility enthusiasts, jointly run by a11y meetups from all over Europe · Jun 13th-14th, 2020 · Amsterdam, Netherlands

Propose your session(s)

The meetup will use a BarCamp-like format, which means that we don't have a pre-defined schedule, invited speakers or conference-like talks. Instead, the event has a self-organizing character: At the beginning, attendees propose sessions about topics they are interested in, have questions about or want to share their experience with. The goal is to spark discussions and encourage part-giving rather than part-taking.

Sessions are time-boxed to certain amount of time (see schedule). Depending on the number of attendees and proposals there may be multiple sessions in parallel. While promotional presentations are discouraged you're welcome to share your work in order to get feedback or let others benefit from your findings.



Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Theo Thijssenhuis (TTH)Wibautstraat 2-4
1091 GH Amsterdam , Netherlands
52.3590611 4.9081938
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