Session 5: QA Workflow with real AT tests

- | #qaworkflow | Accessibility Club Meetup #8

Talk notes

  • Author: Sascha Moeser


    • It is sometimes hard to test, when a person e.g. developing or designing a
    • new product is not comfortable with a screen reader
    • Questions:
      • What tools do others use for testing a11y?
      • Where in the workflow is a11y testing/QA integrated?
      • How can we approve QA for a11y?

    Tools - What tools do others use for testing a11y?

    • NVDA + Jaws e.g. in virtual machine
    • HTML Linting
    • Axe Plugin
    • WAVE Plugin
    • Google Lighthouse

    Possible ways to get better - How can we approve QA for a11y?

    • Get workshop / help from external agency
      • e.g. Access for All (Switzerland)
    • Make using a screen reader or other assistive technologies part of the developer onboarding
    • Editors need to be aware as well to provide better content (alt texts, nonempty links, …)
    • Onboarding on topic needed for editors as well


    • Put it in the Definition of Done
    • Be pragmatic, you canʼt reach 100%
    • Do what you can, it is better than nothing
    • Automation is not the solution – manual tests are always needed

    Other notes

    • In EU, directives will be in place soon that require a11y for all websites, not only public
      • European Accessibility Act
    • Automation can help to a certain degree, but can not be the only way of testing