Accessibility Club Summit 2019

Five years after the very first Accessibility Club and one year after our first conference it's time to celebrate that accessibility matters seem to have become a bit more mainstream! More and more a11y topics appear on the stages of non-specialised conferences and many new meetups have formed in the last few years, like the A11y Meetup Berlin, the Munich Accessibility Meetup or most recently the Accessibility Club Turku (some more are in preparation).

Participants of the 1st Accessibility Club, July 2014
Accessibility Club Meetup #1 on July 16th, 2014

As we are, for several reasons, not able to run a full-blown conference in 2019, we thought it's a good time to try something new and more community driven: Let's gather at the first Accessibility Club Summit where meetups from all over Europe come together, share their experiences and get new input to keep them thriving.

Like in the years before, we're teaming up with the wonderful beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2019 conference and run the summit as a side event on the weekend right after.

Save the date: November 16th-17th, 2019, in Berlin!

Barcamp + Workshops

While this is not set in stone yet, we're planning to run the summit as a 2-day event: 

  • Day 1 is all about conversation and sharing experiences! Barcamp-style sessions with possibly a handful of prepared presentations for all attendees, pretty much like we had at the Accessibility Club Meetup #8 in Düsseldorf.
  • Day 2 is for learning, expanding our knowledge and putting into practise the ideas we could collect on day 1. Open workshops about developing and designing accessible websites and digital content.


Call For Presentations

We don't expect to have a big enough budget this time, so we can't really invite or pay speakers for this event (should we be able to find sponsors enabling us to do so, we'd happily change this, of course!).

However, if you're interested in giving a presentation for all attendees, we'd happily announce you as a main presenter and publish your profile and presentation summary in advance. We might consider running a Call For Presentations via Colloq for this purpose, just like we did last year, so please stay tuned. Until then, please don't hesitate giving us feedback on this.

How do I benefit?

As an accessibility enthusiast, you will meet a lot of like-minded people, from various disciplines and with all sorts of skill levels. You will be able to share your experiences, broaden your horizon and make new friends.

As a meetup or event organiser, you will get new impulses for your events, put them into a bigger context and just have a lot of fun with your usual attendees who join you to the summit. Take it as a super-social excursion that takes you out of your usual boundaries. ?

Organising? Join in!

If you're organising an accessibility meetup or event and want to get involved with the summit, please get in touch. So far, a11y enthusiasts from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland have teamed up, and we'd love to expand this even further. We'll try to get in touch with as many groups and meetups as we get to know of, but you're welcome to be faster than we are. You don't necessarily have to take an active role but still we'd appreciate your input.

How do I stay updated?

Slack Team

You can either join the #announcements channel in our newly created Accessibility Club Slack Team. So far, we use the Slack team for organisational tasks only. If you'd like to broaden its purpose and make it an open platform, we'd love to hear your ideas!

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Email newsletter

You don't like Slack and prefer emails? We got you covered! We're just about launching an email newsletter (self-hosted) which you can subscribe to, too. We promise to never spam you!

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Still thrilled by the fact that we had more than 200 attendees at our conference last year we're hoping that many accessibility enthusiasts from all over Europe will follow our call to Berlin. Let's reach for the stars and aim for 150-200 attendees for the summit! However, hosting a barcamp-style event with that size isn't exactly the use case for a standard event location. That's one of the reasons why the summit will take place at two different locations:

Day 1: Barcamp @ Microsoft

On the first day — Saturday, November 16th — we will meet at the Microsoft Atrium for full day of barcamp sessions and possibly some presentations. The venue is very centrally located and fully wheelchair-accessible (wheelchair users are asked to enter through the Digital Eatery). Service animals are allowed and welcome.

Microsoft Atrium
Charlottenstraße 46
10117 Berlin , Berlin Germany
52.5166067 13.3906258
Open map view / route planning

Day 2: Workshops @ ?

For the second day, Sunday, November 17th, we're still searching for a location that can host a bunch of accessibility related workshops. We're both looking into public locations (e.g. co-working spaces) as well as companies with suitable space. Ideally, the venue was centrally located, available on Sundays and had public transportation nearby. It featured several rooms of different sizes (10-50 people) which were all accessible (including toilets).

Do you know of a public space, company or organisation that might meet these requirements? Would you be able to get us in touch with them?

While it is not an absolute requirement, it would be great if our host would be interested in accessibility matters themselves and supporting us as a location sponsor (or at least at affordable costs). A sponsor would greatly help us keeping the financial barrier as low as possible and offer the workshops at a price that everyone can afford.

Thanks for any relevant hint! ❤


As always, we do our best to keep the tickets for our events as affordable as possible. At the time of this writing, you can already buy your ticket for Day 1 of the Summit (the barcamp day). Workshop tickets will be purchaseable as soon as we've got a location.

Our tickets use Tito's pay-what-you-want option: Starting at a minimum of € 25 (incl. German VAT), the standard price is € 30. Please consider raising this to your liking and capabilities, though — you'll help us adding more valuable features to the event.

Or — even better — get one of our scholarship supporter tickets and unlock a free ticket for someone who can't afford attending otherwise.

Get your Day 1 ticket now

Ticket scholarships

If you really want to attend the summit but can't afford buying a ticket, please don't hesitate and get in touch with us. We're giving away a free ticket for every supporter ticket that has been sold. There is no formal application process — please just write us a nice email and let us know a bit about you. We love to help you out! ?


While the summit is set to be a community event, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we will still need funding for some major matters of expense and to keep the financial barrier for attendees low. If you'd like to support our effort — by contributing funding, food, a location or anything else that might truly benefit our attendees — please get in touch. We're very flexible will try to match your needs as much as we can. However, please don't expect us to distribute useless swag or other materials that have no association with accessibility matters.